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Author and freelance writer based in Hout Bay near Cape Town in South Africa.

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The Carer by Deborah Moggach Fifty-something-year-old siblings, Robert and Phoebe are initially delighted when they appoint Mandy as a live-in carer responsible for the mostly messy and mundane task of looking after their old, widowed father, James. Robert lives in … Continue reading

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Spontaneous pleasures of Portugal

Unconstrained on the banks of the Douro, Penny Haw tries to buy a hotel. THE only person I know who is more spontaneous about travel than I am is my husband. Adventurers, we may be. Planners, we are not. Our … Continue reading

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Seeing clearly in Lake Malawi

IT was while looking for a new snorkelling spot off Mumbo Island in the calm, clear waters of Lake Malawi that my husband and I spotted splashing about 25 metres ahead of our canoe. Paddling closer, we discovered a juvenile … Continue reading

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South African opera export extraordinaire, Pretty Yende – a profile

ABOUT 13 years ago, Pretty Yende heard opera for the first time and resolved to make it her career: “It was as if my soul knew what it was even though my mind and body didn’t,” she says. These days, … Continue reading

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Burgeoning weeds? There’s a goat for that

I AM a big fan of uncomplicated, make-a-plan biotech-type ideas. They suit my simple-solutions-are-super approach to life. I like the notion of solving problems and creating opportunities by putting things that don’t need batteries, Eskom or petrol to work. We’ve … Continue reading

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Thick and tired? Try public humiliation

IN the old days, slimming clubs meant going to weekly meetings and facing the ordeal of climbing on a scale in front of other wannabe-skinnies. A group leader – usually a smug ex-fatty – would be on hand to record … Continue reading

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Age…with eyes wide open

AS if we need further encouragement to enjoy a glass of red wine, researchers say resveratrol, a natural compound found in red wine, grapes, blueberries, peanuts and other plants, could protect blood vessels in the eye from being damaged by … Continue reading

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