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Travel insurance post 9/11 – as mystifying as ever, or even more so?

DID you hear about the 51-year-old who, while forking a fondue in Switzerland, had a heart attack and was dealt a R1,4-million medical bill before he was stable enough to travel home? Or about the Johannesburger who went under the … Continue reading

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The fine art of sucking up

DO you know anyone who is immune to flattery? Me neither. I am certainly not. Bring it on, I say. Lay it on thick and fast, and I will lap it up. After all, it’s as the granddaddy of self-improvement, … Continue reading

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Youth is a wonderful thing…as is age

Frederic Chopin was seven years old when he composed Polonaise in G Minor. Winston Churchill was 84 when he ran for (and won) a place in the House of Commons. And yet, the value of age diversity is yet to … Continue reading

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