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From curio to collectible, from craft to art?

CURIO, collectible, craft and art. Is there a difference? For many, the distinction is as blurred and biased as a room buzzing with artistic interpretation. Even widely respected experts, with exceptional understanding of art and its value, have contrary views … Continue reading

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Cooking with Margot Janse – and being married to a froopie

FROOPIES are all around us, and their numbers, I believe, are growing. Froopies…you know…food groupies. Get it? They are those fervent food fans, who – star-struck by celebrity culinistas à la mode – worship domestic goddesses like Nigella Lawson, hang … Continue reading

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The plight of women in the workplace…what plight?

Although research regularly claims to support the plight of women in the workplace, the fairer sex is, as I found out while working on this article for Agenda magazine, moving on regardless. WRITING about workplace issues, as I do, means … Continue reading

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