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Job rotation: when change is as good as a holiday in the workplace

FEELING a little jaded in your current position? Or perhaps you’re wondering how to put a little pep into your workforce? Ever thought about shuffling things about a bit? Shaking it up? Swapping jobs? Studies support the principle of job … Continue reading

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Amsterdam art route

IT’S easy, I confess, to be a voyeur in Amsterdam – and not just in the Red Light District. Stroll through any of the old residential areas of the city and – perhaps this is more remarkable to those of … Continue reading

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Excess clothing helps turn lives around

ZUKISWA Mngcitha was at end of her tether when she met “the two Traceys”, Tracey Gilmore and Tracey Chambers earlier this year. Unemployed for a year after being forced to give up her job at McDonald’s to nurse her gravely … Continue reading

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The quest for noble warming

With the nights growing longer and cooler, it’s a “grate” time to update the look of your fireplace and, as I found out while researching this article for the Life section of The Sunday Independent, there are some stunning designs … Continue reading

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The trials and tribulations of the workplace smoker

THE text message that chirruped onto my cellphone as I headed to a meeting in the centre of town one blustery, wet morning read, “Call me when you’re five minutes away”. Assuming my call would signal my client to take … Continue reading

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A bunch of good reasons to visit Bruges

IT should be at least slightly embarrassing, I guess, to admit that I discovered the marvelous medieval city of Bruges in the Belgian province of West-Flanders by chance during a trip from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands, via France. … Continue reading

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Tiffindell and dreams of ski-ing

I wrote this article for The Weekender in 2007 and was reminded of it yesterday, when, while playing squash, I wrecked the ligaments in the same knee I refer to in this story. Ski-ing or squash, my knee, it seems, … Continue reading

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