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Jan Neethling – emerging artist or late bloomer

LATE bloomer? Indeed, you might think that that is a fair description of someone who, on the cusp of 70, held his debut solo art exhibition. (To be precise, his 70th birthday took place on 6 November 2008, the day … Continue reading

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Everyone has a coach except me…

LIFE coach, business coach, sales coach, executive coach, leadership coach, management coach, transition coach, career coach, spiritual coach, transformational coach…there is a coach for every call. They’re standing by to help you identify your values and goals, devise a plan … Continue reading

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The sweet and fragrant road to Citrusdal

INSPIRED by a recent trip to Italy when I was reminded what tomatoes are meant to taste like (the flavour alone is worth the cost of the trip), I climbed into my car one morning last winter and drove approximately … Continue reading

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A case for nuts

NOT all nuts are equal. In fact, some nuts are not even really nuts. And other nuts that are said to be nuts, like coconuts, are actually drupes (stone fruit). While other nuts, like peanuts, are legumes. Then, of course, … Continue reading

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The Kumato – the fruit that revolutionised the sex life of the giant Galapagos tortoise

TOMATOES are like ageing Labradors. They’re harmless and dependable. They’re always around but do not demand too much attention from anyone. Essentially, dare I propose, tomatoes (and ageing Labradors) can be pretty dull and are very easy to take for … Continue reading

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Secret to travelling with just one carry-on bag

IT was consoling to read recently that research, conducted by Marks & Spencer Financial Services in the United Kingdom, found that more than 40% of women are guilty over-packing for travel. I assume then, I am not alone when I … Continue reading

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From photojournalist to fine art photographer

IT is generally accepted that art collectors are constantly looking to be surprised and thrilled by things they did not know about. These days however, it emerges that collectors are increasingly excited by images they saw first in last week’s … Continue reading

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Got a problem? Sleep on it

SCIENTISTS at the University of Luebeck in Germany claim that they have demonstrated for the first time that our sleeping brains continue working on problems that perplex us during the day, and the right answer may come more easily after … Continue reading

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Le Riche man is SA’s ‘King of Cabernet’

ETIENNE le Riche is my dream man. And that is not just because he lives and works in the most beautiful oak-and-vine adorned spot beneath the splendidly craggy cliffs of Stellenbosch’s Jonkershoek Mountains on a farm with the romantic name … Continue reading

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What’s cooking, good looking?

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is most certainly a modish looking muscle these days, as I discovered researching this piece for the Life section of the Sunday Independent. IF you can’t stand the neat, get … Continue reading

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