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The art of the business lunch

RESERVE a lunchtime table any weekday at a place-to-be-seen like Linger Longer in Sandton, The Test Kitchen in Cape Town or Butcher Boys in Umhlanga Rocks and you will see that lunch is a vital cog in the wheel of … Continue reading

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A very berry story

AT first glance, SA does not appear to be a very berry country. Strawberries and cream have long sufficed as the extent of our berry dream. Not for us the elaborate pies, tarts, mousses, fools, flummeries, wine and preserves that … Continue reading

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Dwesa – A dilemma destination on the Wild Coast

DWESA is what you might call a dilemma destination. It is one of those delightful, out-of-the-way places that so enchant you that you want to tell everyone about it. But, because a good deal of its appeal is its pristine … Continue reading

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Travelling? Dress the part to avoid hassle and delays

MY friend Sally and her sister, Dene recently travelled together from Johannesburg to Atlanta and on to Los Angeles. Dene was singled out and thoroughly searched, body and bag, in five different random airport checks during the trip. Sally was … Continue reading

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Sandy Bay – all is revealed

SOME of the best travel experiences happen barely a stone’s throw away from your own back door. Tucked against the icy Atlantic Ocean, between Hout Bay’s Karbonkelberg and, on the Llandudno side, Klein Leeukoppie, lies one of South Africa’s most … Continue reading

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Home is where the art is

ROWS and rows of identical little blockhouses with flat tin roofs stretch back to meet the horizon. Layer upon layer of dreary apartment buildings unravel across the edges of cities. Street after street of duplicated face brick dwellings – fastened … Continue reading

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Thinking of going into business with your spouse? Consider this before saying “I do”

THERE are countless successfully operated husband-wife/life-partner companies around. They even have their own name, ‘copreneurs’. The earning potential of working with your loved one can be phenomenal. After all, who in life is your greatest admirer, ally and collaborator? Who … Continue reading

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Tails I win, every time

FOR many years, I believed that the only person more competitive than I was 1980s tennis super-brat, John McEnroe. Then Lance Armstrong zipped onto the scene and conquered, not only the Tour de France, but also cancer and the New … Continue reading

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Who moved my cheddar…I’d like to thank them

FOR decades, I was hard on cheddar. In fact, it grated me enormously. I repeatedly denounced slabs of regular, store-bought cheddar as being bland, boring, chewy and, on occasion, even soapy. Certainly, the government-style cheddar prevalent in this country up … Continue reading

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Is your business being hampered by non- or slow-paying clients? It’s time to take action

SO, your client-base is growing, orders are flowing in, and you are delivering your correctly priced product and/or service on time and to specification. Why then, are you lying awake at night fretting about paying your suppliers and employees at … Continue reading

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